Portable Smoking Anywhere with the Masterbuilt 20073716

Portable Smoking Anywhere with the Masterbuilt 20073716

The idea of a mobile smoker is appealing to those of us who enjoy getting out into nature or heading off on long road trips. Masterbuilt has designed a smoker that is perfect for those people and the situations they find themselves in. This model gives portability while not skimping on the great meat smoker features.

Excellent for Camping and Road Trips

If you are looking for a truly portable meat cooker, this model by Masterbuilt is one of few options out there. It has a small size and is made to be user-friendly for travelers out there. The product looks rather simple, but still has many features that people request. The temperature gauge and cooking controls are straightforward and easy to read.

Adaptable for Many Cuts of Meat

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Portable 20073716 ReviewThe Masterbuilt 20073716 can smoke many different types of meat, despite its low profile. You can smoke a turkey if it is no larger than 15 pounds, fit a rack of ribs, or cook a batch of chicken, burgers, or fish. The removable shelves allow for a lot of flexibility with what you can cook and in what amounts.

Accessories to Add Value

This product comes with two trays coated in chrome, each of which is about 12 square inches in size. You also gain access to a water pan, as well as a wooden chip tray. There is a waterproof cover available, but it is an additional purchase. For those who plan to get lots of use out of the cooker, it may be a worthwhile addition to your initial purchase.

Easy Usage

Using this smoker is a snap, even when on the road or at the campsite. You only lay foil down to avoid grease splashes, then fill up the chip tray with wooden chips. From there, you just preheat until the temperature you need is available, then put in your meats and start smoking.

Clean-Up Simplicity

The trays and racks can all be removed, making it easier to clean each piece of the cooker. Putting a bit of non-stick spray on the racks and interior can further avoid big messes while cooking. All in all, it is not a hard thing to clean up at the end of the night, especially given the small size of the cooker.

One of few truly travel worthy meat cookers on the market Outdoor only model due to design
Decent amount of space for size of device Small size may not appeal to all cooks
Drip tray, chip tray, and adjustable racks add value
Great options for newcomers to meat smoking

While the Masterbuilt portable smoker may not be for everyone, it does the job for those who are looking for this type of product. Setup and cooking are simple, while cleanup is easy at the end of the meal. Also, you get accessories that help give you the best taste possible with your meat. The price only adds to the positives when it comes to this model of smoker.

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