masterbuilt 20072115 bluetooth smart digital electric smoker 30 inch

What to Expect from the Masterbuilt 20072115

In older times, smoking meat was common, but it took a lot of work and time. With the advent of modern technology, this type of food preparation is much simpler. The Masterbuilt 20072115 succeeds at smoking large portions of meat, while also bringing Bluetooth technology to the forefront. However, other features help make this smoker a real hit.

Large Surface for Smoking

This smoker has an area of 721 square inches with a 24-inch height usable for cooking. It comes with four chrome-coated racks that can handle up to 80 pounds of food at once. It also offers an 800-watt heating element so the temperature can run up to 275 degrees. You only set the temperature thermostat and let the device do what it is best at. The built-in probe will ensure the temperature stays where it should be.

Smart Technology Capabilities

What to Expect from the Masterbuilt 20072115As mentioned above, the 20072115 does offer Bluetooth capabilities. This allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control. This can enable you to hang out with family or guests while ensuring the meat is cooking up correctly. In addition to that, the control panel consists of a digital LED readout which is easy to see, even under sunny skies.

Lots of Accessories

This model of Masterbuilt smoker has a detachable sun shade for the front, making it great in any weather. It also offers a way to load up wood chips so you can more easily add extra chips while your meat is cooking. Unlike some other models, the front of this smoker offers a window. Between that and the Bluetooth, you can easily stay on top of your cooking and ensure things go smoothly, without opening the smoker and letting out precious heat and smoke.

Clean-Up and Care

All trays in the device are fully removable, which makes it easy to clean up after a long night of barbecuing. The drip pan, water pan, and wood chip bin can also be removed for cleaning. The grease trap is accessed from the front, making it a bit more convenient to clean out. Another tip for providing quick cleanup lies in spraying the inside with non-stick cooking spray before starting the process.

Built-in probe for simple monitoring Bluetooth may cut out at certain distances
Keeps heat at a consistent temperature No option for Wi-Fi
Easy usage, cleaning, and assembling May heat slowly in cool weather
Quick to heat to temperature
Large capacity is perfect for crowds

This smoker offers a large cooking area and easy cleanup, both of which ensure you can focus on your guests and diners, rather than the actual smoking process. The glass front and Bluetooth connectivity allow you to watch your food, even while wandering away from the smoker. Also, the temperature is kept consistent while cooking and will shut off at a pre-programmed time. This model also has some accessories available, including leg extensions, covers, and a cold smoking kit.

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