Great Beginner’s Smoker from Southern Country

Great Beginner’s Smoker from Southern Country

Sometimes what you want in a smoker is a good meal with friends, and not an expensive piece of equipment or a longstanding hobby. Southern Country provides that with their electric smoker. It’s not as large as some, and it may not have all the bells and whistles, but it does make a mean smoked chicken without a lot of hassle. If that appeals to you, it’s worth a deeper look.

Easy to Use Design

This cooker is vertical and offers a three-legged design. The base is round and a little larger than 15 inches in diameter. The top has a vented lid, which you attach for smoking meats or vegetables. For someone new to smoking, it offers the basics and lets you get a feel for this type of cooking. You just fill up the bottom with wood chips, add water or other liquid to the water pan, put in your meat, set it, and forget it.

Size & Capacity

Southern Country Stainless Steel Electric Smoker ReviewThose who are looking to cook for large groups of people may not be the right audience for the Southern Country. It does have two cooking grates and can feed a family, but it’s not going to yield multiple racks of ribs or dozens of hamburgers. What it can do is easily smoke a chicken, burgers for the family, or a cut rack of ribs. But for many, that’s enough. It feeds you and the rest of your house easily.

Juicy Meat from Water Pan

The water pan with this model holds five and a half quarts, which is more than enough to ensure delicious vittles come from within. You can use regular water, or try something with more flavor. The sky is the limit as far as flavor goes, and you can customize your food to taste the way you prefer it.

Simple Cleaning

Cleanup is universally hated, especially after a great meal. The good news here is that this model smoker is very easy to clean up, allowing you to move on with your day or night. You can remove the pans and racks to wash in the sink or dishwasher, and that will leave little cleaning on the interior of the actual smoker.

Puts out excellent heat Too small for cooking large cuts of meat
Two air vents on top of unit Construction seems inadequate compared to others
Comes with two cooking grates Removing drip pan is hard when smoking
Full stainless steel construction

Anyone looking for a beginner’s smoker could do far worse than the Southern Country Electric Water Smoker. It makes up enough food for a family or a few friends, with options for flavoring your meat however you like. It’s inexpensive and requires little cleanup. It’s also easy to move, due to weighing very little, and can be used anywhere with a power outlet for it to plug in. It also has a 90-day warranty for defects and a yearlong warranty on electrical parts.

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