Smokin’ It Brings the Heat with Model 2

Smokin’ It Brings the Heat with Model 2

If you are new to smoking meats but love the taste of ribs or smoked hamburgers, you may wonder which smoker to purchase for your home. The Smokin’ It 2 is one of the many options out there, which provides a construction that is hard to beat. If you have a habit of dropping things or breaking electronics, this unit is worth a look. It may also be excellent for those in the restaurant business who want a moderately sized smoker to add to the kitchen.

Resilient and Durable Construction

If you want a smoker that doubles as a tank, this might be the model for you. It is entirely made from 18 gauge stainless-steel. It also features heavy-duty wheels with rubber casters. The racks included are also stainless steel for long life. On top of that, it utilizes a double latch system for closure, as well as a temperature control knob. Better yet, the assembly is straightforward. All you must do is screw in the casters, and you’re ready to go.

Perfect for Restaurant or Home Environment

Smokin-It Electric Smoker Model 2 ReviewBased on the size and construction of the Model 2, this smoker is perfect in a home or even in a restaurant. Up to 35 pounds of meat or seafood can be cooked at one time. That’s enough for the biggest party or a rush at your establishment. In addition, the construction keeps in heat and flavor, so you know you’re only serving the best out there.

Seals in Smoke and Heat

Heat control was a problem with Model 1, but this has been rectified for the new model. There is a better thermostat, as well as a LED temperature light that can be seen at a glance. The specialized latch keeps the door shut tight, which also aids in offering excellent flavor and smokiness.

Provides Food for a Crowd

This smoker can handle most anything you can throw at it, whether that’s a large turkey, racks of hamburgers, or trays of tilapia. The temperature ranges from 100 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which is plenty of heat for most. It has four racks to use, which multiplies the space, especially when cooking small cuts of meat or seafood.

Handles and wheels make transport easier than with similar models Price may be steep for some
Heavily insulated for hot temperatures and faster smoking No remote control or app control
All stainless-steel construction for durability
LED indicator light for easy control
Can hold up to 35 pounds of meat at once

The Smokin-It Model 2 offers durability, along with the promise of great taste for everything you smoke. An all stainless construction provides peace of mind about the unit lasting into the future. This model is easy to clean and maintain, and the company who manufactures the unit is known for providing excellent customer service. Whether you’re a newbie to smoking or someone looking to move into a bigger device, it’s likely you’ll find something you like with this smoker.

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