What Does the Smoke Hollow Tronix Bring to the World of Smoking

What Does the Smoke Hollow Tronix Bring to the World of Smoking?

Smoke Hollow is a well-known manufacturer of smokers, electric, propane, and charcoal. This model is electric, which offers more convenience and ease of use than the other types. Also, this model is made for a smoker with something to prove. It has room for tons of meat and can easily make a feast for a crowd.

Cabinet & Cooking Space

This cabinet is large with a height of 40 inches and 4.5 cubic feet of space inside for ingredients. It is ideal for cold or hot smoking, with customers happy about how it works for both. There are four removable trays that you can set up as you like. It’s easy to pop in full turkeys, chickens, rib racks, and other large cuts of meat. You can also use all four trays to fill it up with burgers, or vegetables if you prefer.

Smart Device Remote & App

Smoke Hollow D4015B Electric Smoker 40 inch ReviewNobody wants to spend all their time cooking, and with the Tronix, you don’t have to. This device comes with an app that can be easily downloaded to your phone or tablet. From the app, you can look at the temperature and settings or make adjustments on the fly. It also comes with a remote, which does many of the same things.

Works for Hot and Cold Smoking

Cooking nearly anything is possible with the dimensions and temperature settings on this model. There is a setting for cold smoking which is perfect for delicate smoking items like cheese and fish. Another option is fast smoke, which works to get your wood chips going quickly so you can eat fast if you are in a hurry. Of course, there is also a normal temperature mode for cooking all your favorite meats and vegetables.

Extra Features

The Tronix has two heating elements, which makes it easier to keep at the wanted temperature. It also provides a water port on the side, which is simple to fill, even while smoking is in process. The wood chip drawer is large enough for extended smoking, allowing you to step away from the smoker when you want, with the knowledge that it will keep on going while you are gone.

Cabinet is 40 inches, with 4.5 cubic feet of space for cooking Some problems with Bluetooth over long distances
Remote and mobile app make checking up easy
Dual elements for even and fast cooking
Large wood ship drawer and easy to fill water port
Comes with four chrome-plated removable racks

This D4015B electric smoker is made for intermediate users who plan to have decent sized gatherings and want to do the cooking on their own. Setup, use, and cleaning are all very simple and require little effort from the user. It features all the typical things you would expect, along with a few upgraded accessories, like the large chip holder. On top of that, this is a “smart friendly” device that you can largely use from your phone.

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