Char-Broil Bringing the Competition

Char-Broil Bringing the Competition

Straight from Char-Broil comes the Digital Electric Vertical Smoker 725, which is a miniature version of an insulated box smoker. The size and capabilities are perfect for a backyard smoke chef in the making, with four racks and plenty of cooking space. This model has many features that make it stand out from the rest of the pack.

Advanced Remote Control

This model of Char-Broil comes with a fancy remote control that can operate at up to 100 feet away from the smoker. It offers an LED status display, which provides means for users to manage and monitor their meat, even while engaging in other activities. You can chat with friends while still being aware of everything that happens while you step away from the food.

Reinforced Construction

Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker 725 Square ReviewWhen it comes to construction and insulation, Char-Broil is pulling no punches with the 725. The construction features insulated double-wall steel, which ensures a consistent temp as your meats cook. Also, the front offers a beautiful glass door, along with a light inside to make checking on things truly simple.

Four Racks and Plenty of Space

Looking at the 725, you may not expect a huge amount of space, but it is surprisingly roomy. As mentioned in the name, there are 725 square inches of space, as well as four different racks that can be moved and changed as needed, depending on the size of the meat you choose to cook. It may not be the largest smoker out there, but if you are looking in this size range, it is an excellent choice.

Full Digital Controls

There is a control panel on the top middle section of the 725 which makes it easy to input settings, even without the remote nearby. The options include a power button, time button, temperature button, and a button for probing the meat. The meat probe is an integrated part of the smoker that shows the actual temperature throughout the process of cooking. Users can choose to cook by time or cook by temperature, with the device turning off at a certain level of heat.
Accessories to Boot

This product also offers a wood chip box, which is commonplace, but what isn’t commonplace is the size. This box can hold up to four cups of wood chips, which can smoke for over six hours at a temperature of 225 degrees. You will also receive a grease trap and water pan for adding juice to your cooking meats.

Modern design with sleek aesthetic likely to appeal Smoke production is milder than other options
Temperature range from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit Temperature calibration can be off at times
Built in meat thermometer for temperature control
Easy to use, even for beginners

This smoker comes out of the box assembled and looking good. It has plenty of controls, both on the smoker and the remote, so you do not have to lurk around the device the whole time you cook. In addition, you get easily cleaned racks and accessories that will save you time after the meal is over.

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